The media and Democrats realized they were wrong about Kyle Rittenhouse: Lawrence Jones

“Fox News Primetime” host, Lawrence Jones argued on Thursday night that the media is starting to “point fingers elsewhere” in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial because “their narrative is falling apart.”

LAWRENCE JONES: This week, the media and the Democrats quickly realized they were wrong about Kyle Rittenhouse. Turns out he wasn’t a crazed white supremacist that went to Kenosha to kill people. That’s clear now. The media’s narrative is falling apart, so it’s time to start pointing the fingers elsewhere. They must blame someone. So why not the judge? What’s the allegation? They say he’s biased because he’s enforcing the court of Law and keeping the prosecution from playing, you know, those dirty tricks. But really, the left is just mad they’re losing. So it’s time to blame the referee.

I like to point out that this conservative judge that they’re talking about was appointed by a Democrat. So once again, you can count on the liberal media to put their own spin on the story, but they can’t stop talking about the judge, just like they can’t stop talking about Rittenhouse’s testimony. I’ll take that bet. They’re not just talking about it. They’re mocking it, mocking a kid who got on the stand because he took someone’s life.

Don’t get distracted from the bigger story here. Why did this even happen? Because the government didn’t do its job.

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