The new liberals are actually illiberal: Ingraham

“The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham exposed the pivotal ideological flips on the left in her opening monologue Tuesday night.

“Liberals used to believe in more – not less – speech, and they were defenders of the First Amendment and the rights of defendants,” she said. “They were suspicious of over-zealous prosecutors. They were wary of elites who pretended to care about the downtrodden. They believed in a color-blind society.”

“But now they flipped on so many fronts,” she continued. “The new liberals are actually illiberal. They lose all sense of logic where politics is concerned. They are among the most closed-minded, intolerant people you’ll ever encounter. They disinvite conservative relatives from weddings and bar mitzvahs. Heck, if you voted for [former President Donald] Trump, they nixed you from the holiday party list long ago.”

“This intellectual decay didn’t happen overnight,” she explained. “It occurred over decades, with liberals subverting the institutions that traditionally nurtured both critical thinking skills and a love of country, turning them all into kind of cheap propaganda outlets.”

Instead of teaching “the great works of Western civilization,” leftists think United States’ history “should forever be defined by two things: slavery and oppression.” 


“America thrives when we reward those of all colors and backgrounds who are hard-working, capable and independent instead of those who spend their waking hours waiting for the world to come to them…and complaining about how unfair…life is,” she said. “We also need dedicated public servants who understand that if they refuse to protect the public’s safety, the public will have to protect themselves. It’s time to demand better of ourselves and of those we elect to office.” 

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