Thiessen blasts CDC failures on ‘America’s Newsroom,’ calls for 9/11-style commission to investigate

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen on “America’s Newsroom” Monday called for a 9/11-type commission to investigate the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

MARC THIESSEN: Just like we had a 9/11 Commission after the 9/11 attack to figure out what went wrong with the intelligence community. We need the equivalent of the 9/11 Commission to go back and look at what the public health officials did here because the CDC is a disgrace. Truly, we would be better off in this pandemic if the CDC didn’t exist. They’ve gotten everything wrong. Just in the very first weeks of the pandemic, they banned private testing and contaminating their own tests. They used a flu surveillance method that was looking for symptomatic infections in hospitals when it was spreading asymptomatically. They told us not to wear masks all the way up until May. They came up with a 6-foot distancing rule which we now know was based on no science whatsoever which caused the closing of our schools. That was a main driver in the closing of our schools which has been more disastrous for young people than the virus itself. 

They have just a week ago, they said that omicron was 73% prevalent when it turned out it was only 23% prevalent. They are literally getting nothing right. We really need to look back, because truly, we have gotten to the point where people just don’t listen to them anymore. It is really dangerous when public health officials have so discredited themselves that the public just tunes them out, because not everything they say is wrong. We need good science and good guidance from our government. And the public health officials have literally done a worse job in handling this pandemic than the intelligence community did in missing the 9/11 attack.


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