Thomas Jefferson statue’s removal from New York City Hall a ‘disgrace’: Douglas Murray

A statue of Thomas Jefferson that has resided in New York City Hall since 1833 was removed Monday following a unanimous vote by the city’s Public Design Commission over the Founding Father’s slave-owner past. Author Douglas Murray slammed the decision on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and warned of the left’s mission to “rewrite the American story.”


DOUGLAS MURRAY: The whole tone, the whole story of America is being reframed under our feet. They are making us have to be defensive about Thomas Jefferson instead of regarding Jefferson, rightly, as one of not just the greatest figures in American history, one of the greatest figures in world history. Instead of that, we have to do this, well, you know, he did own slaves, I mean that that wasn’t — and before you know it, the main story of Jefferson has been changed. And this is what, by the way, papers like the New York Times, famously with the 1619 Project, they said they want to do. They said they want to reframe the American story. They want to rewrite the American story. That’s what they’re doing. And that’s what Americans have to realize is the game that’s on. You know, remember at Mount Rushmore last year, the CNN correspondent, they went live, said that the president’s going to kick off Independence Day with a speech in front of two slave owners on stolen land. They think all of America is stolen land. They think every single person who founded this country is rotten. If you believe that you believe in a totally different vision of America than most American people. Because most American people do not want to think badly of this country. Most American people rightly want to think very well of this country because they should think well of it. They should think well of the Founding Fathers. They should think well of the Constitution. This isn’t a little bit of detail in history. This is the biggest bit of luck any people have ever had to have had Founding Fathers like this. People should be proud of this, and it should be seen as a disgrace that you see Thomas Jefferson crated up, boarded up, hauled out the back door. That is a disgrace and I hope we don’t see it again. 


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