Tom Cotton: Joe Biden’s policy on oil and gas is ‘almost a farce’

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Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton weighed in on the ban on Russian oil imports that President Biden announced Tuesday, saying the next step is to make sure European allies do the same. On “The Faulkner Focus” Tuesday, Cotton harshly criticized Biden’s decision not to increase domestic oil production in favor of looking to import from places like Iran and Venezuela. 


TOM COTTON: We should be engaged in intensive diplomacy to ensure that our allies follow with us. It also sends a signal, importantly, to China, for the long run, that we won’t tolerate this kind of naked aggression because we want to deter Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party from going for the jugular in the future in Taiwan. It also raises a question, though, about the diplomacy that the Biden administration is apparently engaged in to replace that Russian oil. 

And this is almost a farce. Rather than trying to produce more oil and gas here at home, apparently, President Biden is going hat-in-hand to the dictator in Venezuela, who our government doesn’t even recognize as a legitimate head of state in Venezuela. Or we’re willing to give away the store to the ayatollahs in Tehran who still chant Death to America rather than simply producing more oil and gas here in America. Last week in his State of the Union, the president said he wanted to buy American. I agree. The only thing he’s apparently unwilling to buy in America is American oil and gas. But that’s what we should be doing.


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