Ukrainian MP warns Vladimir Putin ‘loves’ to destroy humanitarian convoys

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Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kira Rudik joined “Your World” Monday to discuss if Vladimir Putin will honor an agreement to provide humanitarian exits for Ukrainians wanting to leave the country.

KIRA RUDIK: Let’s look at the facts right now and what has happened. First, we have experienced eight years of war with Russia. We know the things that Putin loves the most is for his army to destroy the humanitarian convoys, this is what has been done in Ukraine for the last eight years, this is what he’s doing now. There’s no confusion or misunderstanding. He gives his word that there will be a free pass for peaceful convoy, and right when the convoy tries to get out they start shooting at women and children. For the first time you can say “oh, it was a mistake.” For the second time when it happens, we know it is intentional. 


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