Watters: Biden administration coordinating with Mexican cartels

Jesse Watters argued President Biden is betraying the country with Mexican cartels in Tuesday’s opening monologue of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Right now, Joe Biden is having his Fredo moment at the southern border. We told you about it last week:

“I’m not saying Joe Biden’s actively colluding with the cartels. But just look at his policies and who benefits. And as always, follow the money, because it certainly seems like both the cartels and the Democratic Party are mutually benefiting from what’s unfolding along the border.”

I’m never one to pass up a chance to say I was right- but here we are. We have real reporting now that Joe Biden’s administration is actually coordinating with the cartels. This is no conspiracy. This is a human smuggling operation.

The Biden administration has decided it must work with cartel coyotes. According to the former CBP commissioner Mark Morgan, they wanted to avoid scenes like the ones of children being dropped over walls in remote areas. It may be safer, but it also makes the cartels’ job easier and more lucrative. The cartels have taken control of our border, and we’re negotiating with the hostage-takers. The Border Patrol won’t let innocent children die in the desert because they’re good, moral people. But the cartel will. Biden’s new business partners are evil.


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