Will Cain has questions after the Biden town hall

Fox News host Will Cain began Friday’s “Fox News Primetime” digging into President Biden’s “disastrous” townhall the night before, leaving Cain to wonder “who is in charge of this White House.”

WILL CAIN: CNN aired a disastrous town hall with President Biden last night…

Joe Biden, Oct 21: But but but but here’s the point, we’re in a situation now where if you are in a circumstance that you’re not able to provide, let me cut to the chase. I’m taking too long.

That was our president doing his best Grandpa Simpson impression there – getting lost in his own story. But if you listened to the left-wing media – they’d make you think Biden’s performance was on par with a victorious General Patton parading through the streets of Paris.

Would you describe this answer as “commanding”?

Joe Biden, Oct 21: Forty percent of all products coming into the united states of America on the west coast go through Los Angeles and, and I, what am I doing here? 

Anderson Cooper: Is it Long Beach?

Biden: Long Beach. Thank you

What are you doing here? Let me help you out – you’re supposed to be running the country and fixing this supply chain crisis. Or any crises for that matter.

But as Biden forgets the name of one of America’s biggest ports and lies about going to the southern border – we’re led to ask – who is in charge in this White House? Who is running the country? … This is what the Democrats want – for you to ignore whoever is pulling the strings of Joe Biden…

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