Will Cain: The Left has made life incredibly hard for those who stand in the way of violence

Fox News Primetime” host Will Cain blasted Democrat-run cities implementing vaccine mandates, forcing officers to choose between their freedoms and their jobs. 

WILL CAIN: You know what makes life harder? Losing your job. So the left is succeeding. They have made life incredibly hard, difficult for people who keep us safe, make it hard for those who would stand in the way of us and violence. Let’s go further west in Seattle, where dozens of cops and firefighters were forced out over that city’s mandate. These brave men and women stood up for their rights. They marched on City Hall to drop off their boots in symbolic protest. Because if Seattle won’t protect their freedoms, why should they risk their lives to protect it? The city had just had a summer of love, or so it was called. It looks like it’s about to enter a winter of danger and violence. 


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